Homeowners & Sales Leads

  • Creating as required; closing date, deposit, purchaser change amendments – amendments to be signed by president.
  • Sending homeowner letters related to closing date change, grade change (any material change from contract requiring a letter) sending copies to sales agents and lawyers
  • Dealing with questions related to closing date changes etc.. (as outlined in the
  • Entering and managing all information in Access Database
  • Processing and following up with cheques, mortgage letters etc.. printing and appropriately filing in red legal binder/ entering into database
  • Responding to customer emails and questions directed to the email address – Filtering emails/calls as required to S&M Manager – managing sales inquiry calls / directing to Agents as required.
  • Forwarding any leads from outside listing sites to appropriate agents or responding to the leads in the event the sales centre is not yet open
  • Answering homeowner phone calls / follow up to ensure prompt response to homeowner questions.
  • Processing requests for copies of agreements, amendments
  • Dealing with appraisal requests

Intra-Office & Law

  • Delivering closing lists to all staff/lawyers weekly/biweekly
  • Managing lawyers letters, communicating caps, charges etc.. with the lawyers on new offers. Coordinating deviation from standard caps with Sales & Marketing Manager or President as required.

Sales Team

  • Delivering updated traffic and outstanding deposits at weekly meetings / preparing weekly agenda
  • Printing files as required (price lists, bonus packages etc..)
  • Updating Price lists and Bonus Packages
  • Coordinating supplies at sales centre ensuring all is ordered (paper, pens etc..)

Sales & Marketing Support

  • Attending conference calls with Sales & Marketing Manager & President
  • Printing floorplans for review approval / meeting with President to review changes from S&MM & Décor review / coordination of intra office review

Social Media

  • Assist in setting & Achieving goals and objectives for our social media platforms/blog
  • Develop and execute strategies to help grow our social media following organically
  • Upload, manage and measure content for our social media platforms and blog
  • Leverage internal resources along with third party creative agencies and bloggers to develop custom content for our social media platforms and blog
  • Work with agency partners to execute social media campaigns

Interim Admin Support for CONDOs

  • Dealing with party room bookings
  • Coordination for Lockers/Parking Issues
  • Point person for any interim issues with Property Management

Please email for more details.