CoMo Art Winner


Mother nature can be considered the greatest artist of all time, she has a way of delivering her
beauty to this world through her many natural wonders. CoMo being wrapped in the elements
shares this vision. Hamilton’s renewal has been in many ways driven by the art community and one
can see how CoMo encompasses the community’s modern flair. Whether it be through the art of the
city or the environment surrounding it. Deciding to carry this renaissance into Stoney Creek, DeSantis
Homes released a Call to Artists, open to any sculpture artist living in Canada. The exterior sculpture will
serve as an entry feature to the building from the Lakeview Dr. and Fruitland Rd. entrance, positioned
on the corner outside of the main party room. With dozens of proposals received, three lucky finalists
submitted sculpture Maquettes for consideration to win a spot at CoMo. After many discussions and
input from our City Councilor Maria Pearson, the Mayor of Hamilton Fred Eiseberger and the Director
of Corporate Partnerships and Development at the Art Gallery of Hamilton Cindy Carson, we have a
winner! Congratulations to Beth Nybeck and her amazing public art proposal! Her abstract Corten
Steel sculpture depicted in the image combines three cubes. “One large cube and two smaller cubes
that are growing out of each other. This sculpture is inspired by family and community… There is an
interconnectedness that we have with one each other, that is visible through this sculpture.” states Beth.
A great perspective for a new community of neighbours. The artwork is scaled for human interaction
and engagement, which DeSantis Homes believes to be the heart of any new Condo Community.