Q&A With Tomas Pearce


Tomas Pearce, an international interior design firm located in Toronto that specializes in bespoke commercial and residential spaces can be recognized for their attention to detail and polished elegance. They are a global source for inspiration and style, who luckily, DeSantis Homes has had the pleasure of working with on recent projects. Brian Woodrow the Senior Design Manager- Chief Implementation Officer at the design firm was gracious enough to partake in a small Q&A regarding the new Century Condos Community.

What is your favourite element of the design at Century Condos?
We got excited about the nod to Art Décor that DeSantis Homes wanted to bring into play. Without directly copying the Art Deco style, we instead brewed an infusion of deco into a modern and timeless interior that is welcoming and also glamorous.

Describe the experience for a new owner stepping into the lobby at Century, how will the space feel?
The lobby is elegant! There’s an almost ceremonial approach to the main seating area. As you walk down the aisle to the lobby you can see the layering of materials such as fine porcelain, polished lacquer, the sparkle of glass and brushed gold. It’s a bright fresh space that lends very calming feeling as you step in off the street.

3 words that describe Century Condos?
Oh, gosh. I think the first things that come to mind is elegant, sophisticated, and timeless.

How did you balance aestheticism and functionality in the Century Condos development? 
Functionality is a given in any residential setting. A space has to ‘work’ to be successful. At Century Condos we were given the opportunity to create a truly boutique deluxe environment that allowed residents to step outside of their units and meet their friends in the lobby or in a party room setting. There is a wonderful rooftop patio with great views of the surrounding town right to the lake! But to support those space we need to bring a welcoming, friendly, comfortable, and carefully thought-out program into play. Our aesthetic for Century Condos is based on a comfortable and friendly setting kitted out with commercial grade luxury fabrics for durability and ease, .  Dining, parties, and conversation are key to a thriving condominium residential community. We have designed the Century Condo spaces to accommodate all of that in a layered, sophisticated environment. The rooftop party room is a glamourous Art Deco inspired space, but realized in a 2022 environment. It’s an ideal place for cocktails and dinner!

Tell me about your working relationship with DeSantis Homes.
We have had the privilege of work with DeSantis homes and their team for several years now. Their care and attention to detail and their desire to create unique and special environments allows us design freedom to imagine and dream. Frankly, they are a designers ideal partnership. They care about design and they execute it with care.

Thank you Brain for taking the time to vocalize what it means to create individual and elegant spaces for the DeSantis Homes communities as well as other international clientele.