A week of giving at Homes By DeSantis

It’s been a busy week at Homes By DeSantis, it seems one event after another. First on October 16th we had our luncheon in support of Breast Cancer, with all the staff donning stylish Breast Cancer awareness shirts. We especially enjoyed Gabe’s shirt which looked very similar to the cake (lol). In the boardroom it was amazing to hear staff discuss how breast cancer had personally touched each of their lives, and gratifying to hear so many stories of survivors. The very next day the ladies of HBD put on their fancy duds and headed over to Michaelangelo’s Banquet Centre for Tinsel, Tuxedos & Tapas an event support of the Dr. Bob Kemp Hospice. This is our second year in attendance and as usual the food was fabulous, the fashion amazing and the wine divine! It’s been a busy week and much enjoyed for whatever small amount we can do to support both national and local charitable organizations is certainly worth it!

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