Century Condos- Going Green

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DeSantis Homes’ Century Condos is proud to be at the forefront of sustainable living, with innovative green initiatives that reduce environmental footprints and provide a more eco-friendly lifestyle for residents. From electric vehicle (EV) ports to the Kite Mobility app and geothermal technology, we are committed to making a positive impact on the planet.

Electric Vehicle Ports
One of DeSantis Homes’ most exciting green initiatives is the provision for electric vehicle charging stations in the Century Condos underground parking facility. This provides an opportunity for residents to charge their electric vehicles with ease and convenience, encouraging the use of eco-friendly transportation. This is a great way to reduce carbon emissions and help preserve the environment. For more info visit swtchenergy.com

Kite Mobility App
In collaboration with Kite Mobility, DeSantis Homes orchestrates alliances with highly coveted tech enterprises to deliver an effortless, user-friendly application that promotes eco-friendly transportation alternatives. This innovative app allows the reservation of communal electric automobiles, bicycles, and scooters via a single platform. For more info visit kitemobility.io

Geothermal Technology
Century Condos incorporates geothermal technology, an innovative process that captures the inherent thermal energy of the earth to regulate indoor temperature. This advanced technology boasts exceptional efficiency and reduces reliance on fossil fuels, resulting in the reduction of the Condos carbon footprint. DeSantis Homes’ adoption of geothermal technology complements their unwavering pledge to soften the environmental impact, all while ensuring optimal living standards for their valued residents. For example, a project of this size will achieve the following yearly:

  • 134 Metric Tons of CO2 saved per year; this is the equivalent to the Carbon Dioxide produced by a car driving 541,977 kilometres and a reduction of carbon that would be achieved by the planting of 2,214 trees, every year
    • The water savings realized is over 1 million litres
    • The use of natural gas is deleted, which is the greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 120 vehicles removed from the roads yearly
    • Annual cost savings for future residents

SmartHome Technology
Smart home technology is a hallmark of modern living, and Century Condos has embraced this trend with remarkable finesse. The condominium boasts advanced LED lighting systems that are proven to reduce electricity usage and reduced greenhouse gas emissions, consume less energy and have longer life[1]spans; which provide energy-efficient illumination without sacrificing quality. The Leviton Zigbee Smart Light Switches and sensors installed in each suite also allow for effortless lighting control, and integration with other Zigbee standard devices is seamlessly achieved through the SmartSuiteTM Solution. The in-suite Wall Pad, with its voice and touch-enabled display, serves as the ideal hub for managing your Smart Suite, allowing you to easily adjust your thermostat, view visitors and grant them access, view designated community cameras, and receive community messaging and notifications. Additionally, the individually metered water and hydro features exemplify the green initiatives that Century Condos has taken to minimize its ecological footprint.

For more info visit centurycondos.ca