Construction Updates June 2023

600 N Service Rd, Stoney Creek Exterior-1

With its completion date set for 2025, Muse Condos is underway, swiftly ascending toward the pinnacle of its development, with the current focus on ensuring the successful fulfillment of its underground parking facilities. Recently, both parking areas have reached their final phase of poured concrete work, and the month of June is poised to witness tremendous progress as the construction team shifts their attention to the foundation, to be completed via slab-on-grade. To all future Muse Condo homeowners, please keep a lookout for updates on Décor Studio Browsing hours and Appointments, which will be communicated via email in Summer 2023.

DeSantis Homes is pleased to report that the final phase of exterior brickwork, stone and stucco installation is currently underway at the COMO Condos, situated in the tranquil environs of Stoney Creek, adjacent to the shores of Lake Ontario. Notably, this community has made significant strides in recent months, as evidenced by the successful completion of suite interior finishes, including priming, painting, tile and kitchen installations. The team continues to work carefully to provide the upmost quality assurance. The community is now poised to welcome homeowners in the Summer of 2023!

DeSantis Homes has taken the initial steps towards the creation of a groundbreaking geothermal building – Century Condos. To this end, test bore holes were excavated on the site, ascertaining the depth measurements that would be critical for the successful implementation of the renewable energy system. The use of advanced drilling technology enabled the team to reach an impressive depth of approximately 670 feet, where they encountered the highly[1]resilient Grey Shale Rock. Accurately gauging this type of geological formation is a critical component of the project, and DeSantis Homes eagerly anticipates partnering with Subterra Renewables to bring this pioneering endeavour to fruition. For further information on the remaining select suites, please visit