Construction Update

Myst Urban Townhomes continue to progress at a rapid pace. Construction began 2019 with the first closing confirmed for June 2020. The foundations for each block have been laid this past October and framing started in November. With rapid progress among the Townhomes, Roof Trusses are being installed as well as the interior rough-ins for heating and plumbing and are expected to continue into February.

AquaZul Waterfront Condominiums are progressing in the construction phase along the shores of Lake Ontario. Currently this lakeview condominium has only five residences remaining for sale. AquaZul’s excavation commenced January of 2018 with the fist delivery of Structural Building in the beginning of 2019. June and July of 2019 saw suite framing and the installation of windows while in August exterior cladding commenced. This past October Phase 1 saw the completion of interior boarding, interior finishes are slated to be delivered this February when the kitchens can begin installation. Water proofing of the garage roof deck along with the exterior facade work is in progress. Phase 2 is progressing at a rapid pace and Homes By DeSantis looks forward to the rest of the year!

Centreville Centreville has been the cherry on top when it comes to the beautiful Lincoln Square Community. All three blocks share the essence of what it means to belong in Beamsville and is being welcomed with open arms into the community! This development features a collection of 44 townhomes including 6 commercial units in Block 2 all slated to close by March of this year! Block 3 is currently the last block to close and all PDIs have been scheduled.

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