Design is in the Details



Know your colour pallet and style before you start decorating!

One thing that will always make a home look beautiful and well thought out is cohesion in the design, as it shows you’ve put some thought into the décor of the space and it’s a great way to achieve a high-end feel.

Set a direction for yourself by looking through different interiors and choose what makes the biggest impression on you. What style make you want to live and be in that space and what aspects of that style stand out to you. You may love the simplicity of a monochromatic pallet in the living room, but also want your bedroom piled high with pillows and duvets. Design is all about building a space you would love to live in.

Using a monochromatic colour scheme throughout your home can pull your rooms together, even if your entire space doesn’t fit into one defined style, as many of the best designed spaces do not.

Pick the pieces that speak to you and don’t worry about whether they fit into a certain style. Pull everything together with the small details in decor and colour.  This part of the design process will help you from getting lost in the vastness of design.

Select your colour pallet and know your style. Design is not about making your home look like something in a magazine, but more about making the space feel like it was crafted just for you and your life.

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