Purposeful Design


With the shift seen in design over the last decade, the desire for meaningfully designed smaller spaces is on the rise. Buyers want to decrease their carbon footprint, without feeling like they are downgrading their life.

A space that embodies everything you need, without the unnecessary square footage is more on trend than ever before and design is a key element in making this work functionally and beautifully.

Focus your design on how you will be using the space 95% of the time and allow some flexibility for the other 5% by decorating with modular furniture and multi-functional pieces that will add purpose to your home’s aesthetic.

Creating zones of functional space will help give you a feeling of structure. When you shop for furniture, every piece should be selected with purpose. You can have your living space and dining space in the same area, but they will feel separated with the use of a rug or sofa table to break up zones.

Art can be tricky, and many people think that big art is only for big walls, when in reality a single large piece of art will feel more calming and fitting than a vignette of smaller pieces, which can make the space feel cluttered and overwhelming.

Décor is always fun to splurge on when you move into a new space, but don’t go overboard on pieces that serve little purpose to your lifestyle. Start with what you need for day-to-day life and once you have established a living plan, allow some extras that you want just because they are beautiful and complement you!

A brand-new condo can serve your personality well and if you feel you don’t have room to add another piece of furniture or pillow, try wallpaper or curtains. Both will add a level of sophistication and coziness to any room.



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