Fall Maintenance

_ Check exterior finishes [siding, trim] & eaves troughs to ensure they are secure; check exterior brick mortar joint & voids [repoint if necessary]

_ Check movement of garage doors & lubricate moving parts as needed

_ Check fireplace & chimney dampers; service or clean if needed

_ Check sump pump, float & discharge line & test overall operation

_ Check clothes dryer vent & remove lint & obstructions

_ Test smoke alarms & carbon monoxide detectors

_ Check eavestroughs & downspouts & remove leaves & other debris

_ Shut off exterior water supply & drain water lines

_ Install winter cover for air conditioning unit

_ Check roofing & flashing for signs of wear or damage

_ Lubricate rubber or plastic weatherstripping around doors & operable windows [replaceweatherstripping if damaged]

_ Check caulking for soundness, cracking, detachment & signs of water or air penetration

[remove & replace with appropriate type of caulking if necessary]

_ Winterize landscaping

_ Check & reset ground fault circuit interrupter

[GFCI] (e.g. exterior outlets, bathrooms or at main electrical panel)

_ Test smoke alarms & carbon monoxide detectors

_ Check attic for signs of moisture & even distribution of insulation

_ Inspect floor drains to ensure traps are filled with mineral oil

_ Clean or replace furnace filter

_ Check/clean heat recovery ventilator [HRV]; wash or replace filter

_ Clean the mechanisms of the humidifiers

_ Check for condensation & humidity

_ Clean & test all exhaust fans; lubricate if necessary

_ Test smoke alarms & carbon monoxide detectors

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