New Brand, Head Office & Design Studio

DeSantis Homes is pleased to announce today the strategic rebranding of their organization along with the relocation of their corporate headquarters.

The newly launched DeSantis Homes is the evolution of a brand steeped in over 60 years of home building history, with thousands of homes built across the Hamilton, Halton and Niagara Regions. To understand the progression, one must consider the origins of the previous logo and name; Homes By (Peter) DeSantis. This logo used red as a symbolic colour; signifying a passion for excellence, the red blood of the DeSantis family coursing through every facet of operations, and the Canadian pride of a business that owes its inception to Peter DeSantis Sr. arriving in Canada in 1958.



The unconventional font and pitched roof were used to create a unique identity for the brand. The stylized roof was indicative of the type of construction occurring at the time when most homes being built were detached and townhomes. As the market evolved so did the company with Gabriel DeSantis, Peter’s eldest son, taking the helm and steering the company towards the future. This saw the organization reach new heights, literally. Focusing primarily on both mid and high-rise communities.

As Peter Sr began to secede from the organization Gabriel felt it was of supreme importance to ensure his legacy was encapsulated by the new brand. This was incorporated in the emblem that precedes the name in the logo. Within the emblem you will see his initials, P.D. stylized to also represent high rise buildings and the classic symbol of infinity. As both the company and brand live on in eternity.



This rapid trajectory was the catalyst developing of the Casablanca Corporate Centre, wherein DeSantis Homes finds its new headquarters. This stunning 5 storey, 60,000 sq. ft. class A commercial building will house multiple prestige businesses, with DeSantis as the anchor tenant, occupying the entire 5th floor. The building has been designed to fuse the seamless DeSantis experience as the Corporate Office, Design Studio and Multi-Site Sales Centre will share the space. The company hopes that this new distinction will allow them to better serve their clients and enhance their support of the many local community groups for which they advocate.

All this change was made possible by the dedication and tireless efforts of their experienced and multitalented staff, trades and partners who work with DeSantis Homes. And the loyal customers who have made a DeSantis home theirs for generations.

13 Windward Drive, Suite 501
Grimsby ON L3M 0J4

Contact: Serina Carbone
Phone: 289-235-7484
Email: scarbone@desantishomes.com