The Rise of Minimalism

Linear-Kitchen (Demo)

There is a growing trend in the Condo world and beyond of modern, linear kitchen design. This accompanies the rising popularity of minimalism, something well suited to condo life. This is not about owning nothing, but about being very intentional about the things you do own.

What goes into a clean linear kitchen design? Here are a few examples of how a linear kitchen can be executed to provide larger prep spaces, more open living spaces and ample storage in smaller environments.

  • Built in Fridges: Let’s get real, there are most definitely things going bad in the back of your fridge, or 3 year old mustard in the door. Short of a family full of teenage boys no one really needs an enormous double door 40cuft fridge. Slim line 24” or 30” fridges fit in seamlessly in a condo kitchen. With matching cabinet faces attached to the front panels the fridge simply disappears, creating a clean modern aesthetic.
  • Touch-latch drawers and recessed pulls deliver a clean look that plays up the beauty of the cabinet rather than the hardware. The result is an uninterrupted expanse on drawer fronts and cabinet doors that hints at custom millwork rather than traditional cabinetry
  • Built in cooktops are essential to the modern linear kitchen. Unlike a range, a built-in cooktop doesn’t come on top of an oven. This allows you to preserve your cabinet space below and use it for storage purposes.
  • Linear kitchens mean larger living spaces – by having a single line of cabinetry along the side of one wall it opens the floorplan allowing for the placement of furniture, or if desired a movable island. This sort of fluid design allows for the space to be used in a number of ways rather than just a traditional peninsula or island.
  • Recessed Range Hoods allow uninterrupted sight-lines within the kitchen. They are discrete, virtually out of sight, often hiding as a a high tech lighting system or simply an enhanced cabinet detail.

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