6 ways to Brighten a Room

It’s pretty grey outside with winter seeming to drag on. With this in mind here are some great options to brighten up your interior space without breaking the budget.

  • Add some reflective surfaces — Try crystal photo frames, mirrored coasters and glass collectibles (in groups of three or five). You can use glass, mirrors and crystal in wall art and lighting fixtures. When sun is bouncing off them you’ll instantly feel brighter.
  • Bring in some greenery — part of the dreariness of the outdoors is that every living thing is brown, frozen or dead. Go get some tropical plants find a sunny window sill and squint your eyes you can almost imagine being in a lush rainforest…. Well not really but adding some foliage to your environment will help your space feel more alive.
  • Paint — with all the low VOC paints available in the market place you can now paint with the windows closed, important when it 30⁰ below zero. Pick a light, sunny colour and get started, it’s not like there’s anything to do outside anyway.
  • Open up the blinds — Seems simple but heavy, dark drapery is only adding to the lack of light and feeling of winter related malaise. Switch these drapes for a gauzy or translucent option.
  • Install some wall mounted shelves — if heavy dark furniture is part of the reason your space is feeling gloomy, swap it out for some floating shelves. Opening up floor space can really add to the sense of space and brightness.
  • Add some colourful throw pillows — Home Sense is a great source for “cheap & cheerful” accessories so if your space is feeling drab pick up some pretty cushions, then lie back and enjoy your bright new space

5ways to brighten a room

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