AquaZul Courtyard Sculpture Finalists

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Homes by DeSantis believes art has a place in and around every home; the intention is to incorporate visual art pieces within the Aquazul atmosphere.  With dozens of proposals received, there are  four finalists that have submitted  a sculpture design for consideration to win a spot in the courtyard at the Homes by DeSantis Aquazul condo.  The goal is to enhance condo living by implementing a sculpture that embodies the elements with which Aquazul is surrounded by, nature. “The design of Aquazul in and of itself speaks of the enjoyment of water and sky through its prominent location, sleek design and compelling view of Lake Ontario. The public art for this site should bring a metaphor of water and sky into the front courtyard, emanating a powerful sense of presence that cannot be ignored.” Explains David Perrett a York University Graduate, one of four artists who have submitted their proposal for consideration.

Submission by David Perrett

Many of these artists are deeply concerned with the environment and take that into consideration when creating their pieces.  For example Lynn Christine Kelly, an artist from Toronto that has already had one of her stainless steel and glass sculptures put up for the courtyard at our Aquablu condo states, “I focus my creative concepts and designs on nature, trees and water in particular.” This thoughtful process encourages more initiative from the community to also partake in the care of our environment, something Homes by Desantis is a huge advocate for.  Her proposed design references the beauty and abundance of Mother Nature and the great outdoors.

Natural Connections – Submission by Lynn Christine Kelly

As for Karen Zwart Hielema, a Toronto Architect with a focus on integrating art and built form. Her visual expression through art, design and architecture is a constant thread throughout her practice.  She states, “The form of the sculpture emerged after studying the history of the area. The plan of the sculpture is derived from a grid of topographical points of the Grimsby area that includes Lake Ontario, and the base of the escarpment.” Karen’s design is composed of steel and stone reflecting the geography and history of the development of Grimsby.

Submission – Karen Zwart Hielema

The Aquazul condo is surrounded by the elements, predominantly Lake Ontario, therefore much of the artists inspiration comes from the ever changing medium of water. For example Lilly Ostasevic a Toronto artist who also has submitted her design for consideration states, “You can’t step into the same river twice! My sculpture symbolizes connectedness of all earth and how things are interdependent. It serves to emphasize the water symbolism and to spark conversation while adding to the overall aesthetic experience of this condo complex.”  Her plan is to incorporate sheet metal, laser or water- jet cut shapes that will create visual contradiction making it look almost transparent for the viewer at different angles.

Ripple Effect – Submission by Lily Otasevic

Each submission encompasses the essence of what Grimsby stands for while having characteristics embedded from each artist within their individual design. Review of the submissions are this May, and the Homes by DeSantis team are eager to share the chosen sculpture with the public come June of this year.

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