Chippawa Boat Ramp Park Well Underway

The proposed master plan for the Chippawa Boat Ramp park has been finalized and it looks fantastic! Bordering the Welland River adjacent to our new community Lyons Creek in Chippawa, the Boat Ramp Park will bring public access to locals wanting to enjoy the waterfront. The Chippawa Public Docks Committee (CPDC) has been working tirelessly towards their mission of “Having events and building facilities that foster a feeling of community through participation and involvement in the growth and the betterment of Chippawa.   Emphasizing the origins and uniqueness of the area in consideration of what Chippawa is and will become.   Holding on to the history to mold the community for the future as an integral and viable part of the City of Niagara Falls.”   For this reason Metrus Development Inc., Rosehaven Homes and Homes by DeSantis felt it imperative to work with this group in the betterment of the region. To this end we collectively contributed a sponsorship of $5000.00. This critical funding was responsible for providing the CPDC portion of resources necessary to construct the recently completed Playground at the Chippawa Boat Launch located at the corner of Lyon’s Creek Road and Sodom Road. This project is the result of our continuing partnership with the City of Niagara Falls. With the park’s completion slated for this year the park will prove an outstanding addition to a community that continues to evolve and prosper.


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