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A new home is really a fabulous thing, unlike resale YOU get to choose; colours, tile, hardwood etc… Without having to go through a laborious renovation. Standard features abound in each Homes by DeSantis home but that  doesn’t  mean that there  aren’t  some items you may consider upgrading. Depending on how long you plan to live in your home there are different priorities. Speaking with our expert interior designer Toni Glazier she had some recommended upgrades for folks based on your timelines.

Short-term goals 5-7 years:

2 or 3 piece rough-in in the basement

Can’t stress enough how important this is! It’s very difficult to do later and if you plan to finish your basement it’s nice to have the option to include a bathroom. A 2 piece rough in accommodates a sink & toilet, 3 piece would be for a sink, toilet and shower. A shower is much easier install than a tub though the rough in will work for both.

Shut off valves under all sinks

You’ve got the latest and greatest plumbing and taps so why add shut off valves? Simply put individual shut-off valves offer convenience to homeowners by making it easier to shut off the water if you want to upgrade your faucets in the future.

Rough-in pendant lights over an island or peninsula

Kitchens are where people gather and it’s great to have fabulous lighting over an island both for food prep as well as to create ambiance when entertaining. Have the electrical roughed in and then you have the option to choose lights that perfectly complement your décor.

Pot lights in Great Room

On the main floor, pot lights would be ideal in a TV room or great room where someone likes to sit and read. These lights would be placed above a chair and the light directed below would reach out approximately 9 feet in a triangular position. Once a person moves out of the triangle, they will experience less light from the pot lights. Pot lights are perfect for creating zones of light in your key living space. Also it’s a great idea to add additional switches to control zones of pot lights.

Bells and whistles in the Kitchen; base pie cut corner, upper angle corner, deep fridge upper and valence only at base of uppers, extended height uppers.

Our homes come standard with 9ft ceilings which means standard cabinets can sometimes appear a little short adding extended height uppers will give you extra space as well as add height and drama to a standard cabinet. Deep fridge upper means you can actually reach the cupboard that’s over your fridge and the added depth means more storage! Base pie cut corners are ideal in an L or U shaped kitchen as it creates much easier access to cabinets tucked into a corner by reducing the otherwise awkward right angle and creating a 45 angled cupboard. Valances are great as they provide space for future under cabinet lighting.

Level 1 upgrade in flooring or cabinets

Our standards are really top notch but level one upgrades provide even more selection — should you have a specific décor concept in mind you will certainly be able to find just the right flooring or cabinets to match your style vision.

Now onto the longer term investments…

Long term over 7 years:


Full oak stair with stain

Hardwood stairs add class and style to any home and changing from a carpet grade stair to hardwood later can be very cost prohibitive.














More kitchen upgrades! Pot & Pan drawers, optional pantry, glass uppers in kitchen, crown on uppers, add valence with lighting

Simply put pot and pan drawers are amazing — gone are the days of rummaging through a deep corner cabinet for that pasta pot. Just slide open the drawers and voila deep storage, make sure to keep them next to the stove area for easy access. The pantry will add more space, which if your family is growing might become much needed! Glass uppers, crown and the addition of lighting to your valance are what I consider icing on the kitchen cake. If you are the type of person who spends a lot of time in the kitchen, make the space your glory.

Upgrade counter to Granite or Ceasarstone

Granite is a natural product which adds immense value to your kitchen space; it is durable and from an aesthetic standpoint really elevates a kitchen space. Ceasarstone is man-made and their surfaces never need to be sealed, and require minimal maintenance to keep them looking like new. The hard, non-porous surface makes cleaning simple.

Potlights in kitchen

For the same reason pot lights are great in the great room they are great in the kitchen too! Zones of bright white light are perfect for food prep.

Custom glass shower

Turn your bathroom into a spa, our custom glass showers are roomy and modern and can really open up a bathroom.

Hardwood in great room/dining room and hallways

Our selection of hardwood flooring is phenomenal! Save yourself the aggravation of a renovation down the road when you inevitably decide you really wanted hardwood in the first place 😉

Upgrade under-pad and carpet

The standards are lovely the upgrades are knockout! Having a dense under-pad under your carpet means softer squishier steps and noise dampening, perfect for the second floor of your home.

Upgrade to smooth or California knockdown ceilings throughout

California knock down ceilings are standard in many of our communities however depending on your personal décor you may want smooth ceilings throughout.

Upgrade fan over stove

Chimney style hood fans are all the rage and we at Homes by DeSantis like to stay on trend. Choose from several chimney hood fans or over the range microwave styles to suit your kitchen needs.

Add a drain to second floor laundry, if applicable

With today’s modern appliances are pretty safe from overflows but hey you never now and if your husband does laundry the way mine does it might be a good idea.

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