Construction Updates!


DeSantis Homes is happy to announce that COMO Condos, located off the shores of Lake Ontario in Stoney Creek is currently undergoing the last phase of exterior brick work, stone and stucco installation and moving towards completing the siding. During the last few months COMO Condos experienced an influx of progress with the completion of the first and second floor interior finishes which included priming, painting and tile installation. This community is on its way to welcoming homeowners in the Spring of 2023.

While COMO Condos nears its end in the construction process, Muse Condos has begun the first stages of construction. The demolition of the previous plaza building was completed, and excavation and shoring has commenced! Also completed were the initial steps in DeSantis Homes first geothermal building Century Condos. Test bore holes were required to determine depth measurement on site, this being one of the key pieces for the renewable energy system being implemented. So how low did we go? Though the rig is capable of 1000 feet we reached Grey Shale Rock at approximately 670 feet down. Determining this type of shale depth is an imperative part of the process and we look forward to our partnership with Subterra Renewables on this project!


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